Dimitar Dimitrov

Evolutionary biology, arthropod systematics and macroecology

This is a collection of links to media coverage of my research. It is probably not an exhaustive list but it contains the major media that has published stories about my research


April 2018 The New York Times


June 2017 issue (#6) of Aftenposten Vitenskap; 23 March phys.org; 22 March ScienceDaily; 13 March 2017 Titan.uio.no and in English on 17 March 2017 Titan.uio.no


23 March 2016 Titan.uio.no


25 December Discovery News; 21 December The New York Times, BBC Nature News, Futurity, www.uni-protokolle.de; 20 December phys.org, ScienceNews, Lukor.com, Business Insider, Daily Mail; 19 December Ingeniøren, MetroXpress (Danish edition), Jyllands-Post; 18 December University of Copenhagen news; 7 January Ekstrabladet; 5 January Berlingske; 4 January Videnskab.dk


28 November European Commission CORDIS news; 25 November SINC; 24 November ScienceDaily; 18 November New Straits Times; 8 November The New York Times; 3 November ScienceNews magazine


4 June www.physorg.com; 3 June George Washington University media room

Outreach and citizens science activities


Participation in setting up a public floor spider exhibit at the Zoological Museum, Natural History Museum of Denmark. The exhibit also showcased my research (together with the research of other arachnologists at the Natural History Museum of Denmark)


Participated in the Copenhagen's annual Culture Night at the Zoo logical Museum public floor.


Team leader in the Rock Creek Park BioBlitz species inventory organized by National Geographic.


Art and science. A lot has been said about the science in art and the art of science and here is yet another example of a grate symbiosis between both. These are some images of the work of the Norwegian artist Randi Nygård that got inspiration in our Saintpaulia paper in PlosONE. A great example of innovative art that also aims to rise social awareness of environmental issues such as habitat destruction, climate change and pollution. Here is a link to the text of the exhibition. Saintpaulia Saintpaulia_visitor